It is my endeavor to give the best instruction I know how to give and my aim to make a student independently capable of performing basic skills with as much knowlege of theory and technique in his/her chosen field of music as possible; not so that he/she can do what anyone thinks should be done but what he/she wants to do.  Regretfully,the more students I have, the less flexible I am.  Consequently, if you must miss a time it must be my say as to whether or not that time can be made up and full payment will still be required.  If I must miss a time, I promise to do everything in my power to make it up. I teach mainly in two Lubbock community centers. If lessons are given outside the centers, I prefer payment every four weeks.  The centers require payment in the first week of the month.  If you must be absent, I prefer notification of this intent by the morning of the scheduled lesson time.  I will accept a message left on my answering service.  Practice is essencial to a students developement as a musician. I recommend one half hour daily.  If this is not practical for you at least do your assignment once daily.  Any practice is better than none.  If you are having trouble with finding time for practice, discuss it with me as I have some tips on handling these matters or check Studio News on front page for these tips.  
BAND INSTRUMENTS- I use the EdSueta Band Method for woodwinds and brass; Alfreds Drum Method for percussion.
VOICE- The student must first pass an audiation test to determine his/her since of pitch. This test is given free of charge. Upon passing this test a lecture is given in the first session about the body, namely the respiratory system and how it works. Due to the personal nature of this lecture it is preferred that a parent be present for female students of school age in this lecture. Mainly the student needs a blank cassette for recording the session to take home and practice.  If he/she has material for study(songs,CD's,ect.) we can use this in session.  
GUITAR- I have my own personally composed material that I use. After the first studies are completed the Classical Guitar Method and Fun with Guitar are used.
MUSIC THEORY- It is required that these students already be proficient in singing and/or playing the Piano, Guitar or a band or orchestral instrument of some kind.  The student also needs blank staff paper and a number 2 pencil.
 I also teach Beginner Piano and Strings. For Piano, I use Alfred's Piano Method which comes as Young Beginner starting at Level A,  Beginner starting at Level1A, Late Beginner, and Adult. For Strings, I use All for Strings.

1. 15 Minutes for $10.00 per Lesson. This can be expanded to a Group Session of up to 4 Students of roughly the same age and the same concentration at $10.00 per Student: 2 Students 30 minutes; 3 Students 45 minutes; 4 Students 1 full hour.

2. 4 Half Hour Lessons  One on One Online for $46.00. Up to two concentrations.

3. 4 Half Hour Lessons One on One in Studio for $50.00 Up to two concentrations.

4. 4 Half Hour Lessons One on One in Home for $66.00. Up to two concentrations.